Late Galapagos Photos





Amazon to Home

Apologies for the lack of photos, but the program has decided to be a little contrary.
Reluctantly left the Amazon yesterday after five wonderful, action-packed but pampered days aboard a vessel that could only be described as sheer luxury! Food each night was five star luxury style as was lunch and breakfast. We had our own personal waiters, white gloves and all. Our room came complete with a huge private balcony with all of the trim. Excursions off the vessel were wonderful! We witnessed many breeds of beautiful birds, many varieties of monkey, a sloth, pink and gray dolphin and much more. One morning we had a gourmet breakfast in the skiff in a lagoon surrounded by giant lily pads, birds and jungle then swam in the mighty Amazon. We also kayaked through Amazon tributaries. There were only three passengers plus the owner and we had a ball – very hard to leave! This was a section of our trip to die for! Would highly recommend this to anyone

Looking back, we could recommend every leg to all. We have had no delays, poor quality accommodation or failures to be met by guides at each stop and cared for like queens. Tomorrow we head home across the Pacific, from Santiago to Sydney then on to Brisbane. Yesterday was an afternoon of flights which continued into the night, arriving at our hotel here in Santiago at five this morning. Have slept and done a little more shopping ready to head to the airport tomorrow afternoon. We arrive in Sydney at 5.35pm then board for Brisbane at 8.05pm. A week at Caloundra follows then home. I must say that I am looking forward to normality after a wonderful trip. A new phone will be a priority in Brisbane or Caloundra!

See you all soon.



Amazon Awaiting

Yesterday was a day of flights after leaving Galapagos – arrived in Lima at 11pm and, after waiting in the migration line for what seemed like eternity, eventually arrived at the airport Ramada at 1pm. Decided to have our complimentary pisco sours (to help us sleep of course).

Galapagos was a beautiful, unique wilderness with such diversity of animal life, again with no fear of humans. Unfortunately, the human footprint is sometimes obvious, with refuse sometimes spotted in the waterways. Our encounters with the wildlife were moments which will stick with us for all time. The cruise was excellent (except for maybe the backache from a hard bed) and provided us with lots of shore excursions. Weather was generally great with an occasional warm shower of rain. We snorkelled in water that was tepid, hiked next to nesting bids, within a meter or so proximity, and sat with the sea lions and iguanas on white beaches.

Today is the Amazon. We fly to Iquitos, board a bus then away on our final adventure on what we hear is a luxury cruise.

One mishap from my point of view – have had my phone taken from my suitcase between Buenos Aires and Quito. I had not checked it since leaving Buenos Aires, and in Quito, misplaced it. Thankfully, no use had occurred, so it was more likely taken in Quito. Scott, I know your home number but not your mobile. Adam, I have no idea of your mobile. Could you both comment on this site and leave me these numbers. Jodie, I can remember your mobile. Otherwise, uneventful in terms of mishaps for me and nothing to spoil a great experience.

Yet again, will try to add a few photos of Galapagos. Love to all!!! Be home around the 1st of March.


After a day of airports, it is a very weary me just adding a few comments and a few more pics of Machu Picchu (some didn’t attach yesterday).
It was an early start to Cuzco airport this morning, destination Lima. From there it was a connecting flight to Quito, the capital of Equador. It appears to be a very tidy city compared to Lima and Cuzco. We have a city tour tomorrow to see some of the highlights. The next day is a flight to Galapagos for a four day cruise – can’t wait!
I have failed to mention the amazing food on our journey so far – much exotic fare! We have dined on escargot, alpaca, raw fish, and will soon be sampling guinea pig (a traditional Equadorian meal). I must say that the alpaca made me think to much of the big eyes and soft fur so it wasn’t enjoyed as much as it should have been.
Anyway, here are a few more pics.
Love to all – don’t work too hard!




Machu Picchu

Another leg of our journey completed and yet another amazing place steeped in history and with unbelievable views of this long lost city. The native people of this area are such a hardworking culture with little means to help them, no technology, no tractors, no modern means of travel and very primitive housing, but still are so happy – it makes one sit back and wonder how modern means have affected our abilities to put our priorities in order.

Anyway, on to Quito today for two days then to Galapagos. Our time is flying and before we can blink we will be back in Australia!

I will let a few photos do the talking.

Love to all.



Antarctica photos

Last effort at this section of the journey, resulted in failure to add photos of Antarctica so will attach a few to the end of this entry – or at least try!
Buenos Aires was good with visits to local highlights plus a night at a Tango Show which was great and accompanied by a beautiful Argentinian beef meal – we are not tiring of this meal!
Arrived in Lima yesterday and went to the beachfront shopping mall and lovely al fresco dinner afterwards. Today it is a city tour to museums etc then an early start tomorrow for Cusco for two nights. Not sure how the altitude will effect us!!
Love to all the workers – oops, sorry!







Oops! Got my dates wrong.

Here we are, still in Ushuaia. I forgot that we had a free day with group meeting yesterday prior to departure this afternoon. Spent the day shopping for warm clothes for Aileen – still no luggage! I had to spend quite a large amount On a new camera as my SLR decided to take photos sometimes and generally refused to do anything. Had it looked at by a man in a camera shop who tested what he could and it is in the internal mechanisms. Bought another Canon, Scott! A Power Shot SX 260HS.
After our group meeting last night we went with another passenger from the States to a king crab restaurant – saw our meal brought to our table alive before it was cooked and avidly consumed. Quite an experience accompanied by too much Argentinian wine! King crabs only occur off Alaska and down here.

May not be able to communicate much from the ship – apparently very slow and no photos attached as our data limit is minimal.

Love to all